An explosion
of taste and color


Artichoke tiradito 19,5€
Artichoke confit with yellow chilli and almond emulsion. With cherry tomatoes, sweet potato, baked avocado and paprika oil.

Mushrooms ceviche 18,5€
Fresh shiitake mushroom ceviche in a mango, lime “tiger’s milk”. With sweet potato, avocado, purple onions, “canchita” corn nuts and cilantro oil.

Baos 14,9€
Steamed chinese bread filled with carrots glazed. Carrots mustard and coleslaw with a chickpea emulsion.  — 2 pieces


This establishment cannot guarantee the availability of change at all times of 200€ or 500€ banknotes. If you wish to make use of this type of banknotes, please check the availability of change beforehand.

Miso butter onions 14,5€
Miso glazed french onions, avocado cream, toasted pistachios and pea shoots.


Wild mushrooms 15€
Mix of sautéed mushrooms, vegetable chips, Jerusalem artichoke cream, and coriander oil.


Super kale salad 14€
Kale, lentils, roasted sweet potatoes, cashew cheese, pomegranate and flowers. With orange and lemon vinaigrette.



Tokyo roll 16.6€
Eggplant marinated in japanese barbecue, chinese cabbage, chives and kanpyō.

Amazonia roll 16,6€

Cashew nut sea cheese, plantain chips, avocado, yellow chilli cream and negi.

Uramaki dragon 16,6€
Breaded oyster mushroom, cashew cheese and carrot. Topped with avocado, passion fruit sauce and potato strings

Philadelphia roll 16,6€
Roasted chestnuts, almond ricotta, walnuts, pears, coffee mayo and lime.

Thai roll 16,6€
Uramaki stuffed with pineapple cheese, mango, cucumber and chives. Coconut sauce, green curry and crispy rice.



Double burger portobello 18,5€
Double medallion of portobello and white beans, with carrot cheddar cheese, MKM sauce, lettuce, tomato and pickled cucumbers. Served on brioche bread.
— 2 pieces.


Pad thai tempeh 19,5€
Stir-fried rice noodles in spicy cashew sauce, vegetables, grilled tempeh, seaweeds and Brussels sprouts.


Tortelloni 18,9€
Tortellonis stuffed with almond ricotta and peas. Grilled beans and bimis, freeze-dried raspberries and pistachios.

Cannelloni tikka masala 18,8€
Spinach cannelloni stuffed with portobellos and indian spices. With coconut bechamel sauce and lemon grass.

MK milanese 28€
Soy, shitake and seeds milanese with celeriac and carrot puree. Sprouts and greens salad, pickled cucumber and flowers. Nordic radishes and dill vinaigrette. (for 2 people)


Risotto funghi and tartufo 20,5€.
Boletus, chanterelles and black truffle.


Coconut “dulce de leche” cheesecake 8,5€
Almond and date biscuit base, with cashew cheese and coconut milk caramel.

Chocolate bomb 8,5€
Moist brownie with aerated chocolate mousse, raspberries and pistachios.

Salted caramel pineapple 8,5€.
Peanut and miso cream, roasted pineapple, pistachios and salted caramel.



Still filtered water / sparkling 2,5€
Fritz-Kola 3€
Kola/ Sugar free


Lemonade 8€
Hibiscus /
Mint and ginger/
Cucumber & basil
Iced tea 8€
Peach & mango / Yuzu japanese


1/3 El Águila 1900 3,9€
1/3 Amstel 0.0 4€
Caña Heineken 3€
Doble Heineken 4€
Doble Águila sin filtrar 4,8 €

WINE (by glass*)

Barco del Corneta Cucú (2021) 4,75€
(White wine. Verdejo. Castilla y León)
Neno (2020) 4,8€
(White wine. Godello. Valdeorras)
Vinilo (2019) 4,5€
(Red wine. Tempranillo. Rioja)
Vi del mas 4,5€
(Red wine. Garnacha – Syrah. Do Montasant)
Celler comunica foxy lady (2022) 4,5€
(Rose wine. Syrah y granacha gris. Montsant)

*Please consult the wine menu to know about our bodega offer by bottle.



Espresso 2,2€
Double espresso 2,6€
Americano 2,8€
Cortado 2,4€
Latte 3,5€
Flat white 3,3€
Tea 3,5€
Greek lemon / Flowers & fruits /
Oolong gingseng / Green tea / Chamomile / Peppermint

Matcha latte 4,5€
Pink chai latte 4,5€
Lavender chocolate 4,75€
Cold or hot


Pisco sour 13€
Pisco 1615 Acholado,
lemon juice, syrup, aquafaba & Bitter Angostura.

Carioca 12,5€.

Cachaça, lime juice, hibiscus syrup, tangerine foam.

Smoked Tokyo beet 12,5€
Sake, beetroot shrub & lime.

La jungla 12€
Matusalem aged Ron, campari, pineapple – lemon juice & syrup.

Daiquiri tartufato 13€.

Vodka belvedere macerated with red peppers, rice syrup, lime juice and truffle and basil oil.

Marco Polo 12€
Vodka Ketel one, syrup, lime & lychee juice.

No tan picante 13€
Patron aged Tequila, ají syrup & lemon juice.

Espresso Martini 12€

Vodka ketel one, espresso coffe, sirope y borghetti.

Herculesssss 12,5€.

Ketel one vodka, cinnamon syrup, lime juice, mango and pineapple.

Jamaican madness 13€
Mezcal, Aperol spritz, passion fruit and syrup



Gin tonic 11€
Tanqueray gin & fever tree tonic water.

Aperol Spritz 11€
Aperol, cinzano Pro Spritz & soda.

Old fashioned 12€
Bulleit Bourbon, organic sugar & soda.

Negroni 11€
Tanqueray gin, bitter campari & vermouth rosso.


Green paradise 8€
Cucumber & basil lemonade.

Limonada de flor de hibisco 8€
Hibiscus tea lemonade.

Lemonade mint and ginger 8€.

Lemon juice, ginger syrup, sparkling water and mint.

Pommelade 8€

Lemon juice, grapefruit and orange mix, thyme syrup.

Naranja style 10,2€
Carrot – passion fruit juice & vanilla syrup.

Piña punch 8,5€
Tanqueray 0.0 free alcohol, pineapple juice & coconut syrup.



Barco del Corneta Cucú (2021) 21,15€
(Verdejo. D.O VT Castilla y León)
White fruit, citrus fruits and hollow fruit. Round and full-bodied on the palate. Pleasant acidity.

Neno (2020) 28€
(Godello. D.O Valdeorras)
Traditional, fruity aroma (stone fruits), fresh and crunchy.

Valautin (2020) 28,65€
(Albillo Real.  D.O Madrid)
Ecological, broad with a creamy finish.

Tricó (2018) 33,6€
(Albariño. D.O Rias Baixas)
Fresh expression. Creamy and unctuous. Presence of white fruit with mineral nuances. Well structured and balanced.

O Morto A’Vía (2019) 51€
(Treixadura. Ribeiro)
Floral scent and mineral notes. Fresh, light and crisp. Marked tension. High acidity and expression of granite.


Puiggròs Impressionant Orange (2021) 29,5€
(100% Garnacha blanca. Cataluña, Pla de Bages)
Organic, aromatic and fragrant.


Celler comunica foxy lady (2022) 24,5€
(Syrah and grey granacha. Montsant)
Ecological fresh and crisp.


Vinilo (2019) 19,5€
(Tempranillo. D.O Rioja)
Traditional, fruity and juicy. Intense and firm finish.

Celler Comunica Vi del Mas (2021) 23€
(Garnacha, Syrah. D.O Montsant)
Organic, fleshy on the palate, red fruits, soft but firm finish.

Mestizaje (2019) 27€
(Bobal, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Garnacha, Tempranillo. D.O Valencia)
Organic, fruity, easy and juicy.

Luberri monje amestoy reserva (2016) 34€
(Tempranillo ,Cabernet Sauvignon. D.O La Rioja)
Red, traditional, calm, intense and structured.

Fuente de los huertos (2019) 40,5€
(Garnacha. D.O Madrid)
Liqueurous, ecological, deep and mineral aroma. 


Clos Lentiscus (2006) 32,6€
(Sumoll Blanc de Noirs Limited Edition) Ancestral rosé, scented and fragrant. Fresh red fruits and herbaceous notes. Light, smooth and delicate. Bright acidity and lingering finish.

Recaredo Familia (2010) 35,3€
(Pinot Noir.  D.O Corpinnat) Sparkling biodynamic, deep mineral structure.

Mas Cándi Indomable Brut Nature (2016) 41,85€
(Pinot Noir. D.O Corpinnat)
Traditional white, sparkling and fresh.

Moët Chandon Imperial Brut 95€
(Pinot noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier. Champagne) Frank, clean scents and remarkable intensity. Ripe white fruit, pastry, light smoked and aniseed scents.



Artichoke tiradito
Gluten, Nuts, Celery
Mushrooms ceviche
Gluten, Celery
Gluten, Soya, Nuts, Mustard, sulphites
Miso butter onions
Sulphites, Celery, Nuts, Soya
Wild mushroom
Soya, Gluten, Nuts, Sulphites
Super kale salad
Nuts, Celery, Mustard


Tokyo roll
Soya, Gluten, Sesame, Sulphites
Amazonia roll
Gluten, Nuts, Soya, Sesame
Philadelphia roll
Nuts, Sulphites
Uramaki dragon
Gluten, Nuts, Sulphites
Thai roll


Double burger portobello
Gluten, Nuts, Mustard, Sesame, Sulphites
Gluten, Nuts
Pad thai tempeh
Gluten, Celery, Nuts, Soya, Sulphites
Canelloni tikka masala
Gluten, Sesame, Celery
Gluten, Soya, Celery, Sesame, Sulphites
Risotto tartufo
Celery, Sulphites


Coconut “dulce de leche” cheesecake
Chocolate bomb
Salted caramel pineapple
Nuts, peanuts, soybeans, Sulphites